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KanjiQuiz: An Apple Watch ready iOS 8 Quiz Application (Part 1)

Apple Watch is coming !!! Many developers around the world has already prepared for their awesome Watch Applications. Perhaps you are one of those, if not, this tech blog series will explore a minimalistic yet fully functioned iOS 8 applications with... Read more »

Add A/B Testing to Your App in Minutes Using Kii

What is A/B testing? In a nutshell, A/B testing allows you to deploy multiple scenarios to your app's users in order to determine the optimal combinations around app experience, features, usability etc. This is a great way to test your hypotheses ab... Read more »

Video Tutorial: Implement iOS Push Notifications with Kii Cloud

Push notifications can be one of the trickiest implementations of your iOS app. Between Apple's certificates, app ids, provisioning profiles and the actual code - it's a nontrivial task. Going beyond that, you'll need to set up a specialized server t... Read more »

iOS Tutorial: KTTableViewController

Our team has just released a new iOS tutorial (complete with downloadable sample code) for KTTableViewController, one of the new features of KiiToolkit. Don't know what KiiToolkit is? Check out our post on the topic... Read more »

App Store Success – Part 3: Open Source Demo

Previously we discussed tips and tricks for app store success, including a tool called In-App Analytics. This is a very powerful tool which can help you better analyze your app and users at a deeper level than traditional analytics. If you missed the... Read more »