Cold Chain Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into temperature controlled products in both storage and transit

Get up and running with smart remote monitoring and control in a fraction of time for quicker PoCs, scalable production deployments and faster ROIs.

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Get full insights into the status and location of your cold-chain products and warehouses around the world. Designed to help you get up and running quickly, yet fully customizable to suit your business and technology needs.

Features & Capabilities

Customizable Data Model

Every solution is different, and our backend can be extended and customized easily to store the data that's important to you.

  • Schema-less
    • A flexible JSON-based storage means you can store arbitrary and nested attributes in your data models.
  • Easily Defined
    • Work with our team to create a data model that mirrors your solution and makes it easier to pull information and analytics from.
  • Carrier-Grade Scalability
    • The Kii backend is used by millions all over the world, allowing your data will scale seamlessly as your solution grows.

Fine-Tune Business Rules

Configure business rules to react and handle different scenarios according to your operational requirements.

  • No Coding Required
    • Define parameters and rules through an easy-to-use web interface, with no coding or deployments required.
  • Leverage Your Solution Data
    • Rules are created based on your Data Model, so all the data important to your solution are accessible by Business Rules.
  • Flexible Changes
    • Make changes on the fly, without having to update software or re-deploy your app. Save the latest rules and they'll go into effect immediately.

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Keep track of your products and containers in real-time and stay in contact with employees in the field.

  • Web Dashboard
    • View the current status of every container and warehouse, define rules, send notifications, and provision resources all from a single dashboard.
  • Mobile Apps
    • Provide mobile apps to drivers, warehouse managers, and technicians to assign jobs and allow them to view and track specific containers.
  • Real-Time Communication
    • Send and receive messages with your containers and employees in real-time using push notifications and the latest in 2-way lightweight communication protocols.

Kii Device Agent

Install the Kii Device Agent on each tracking device to manage storage and communication with the cloud.

  • Multi-Platform
    • Works with all major platforms, and provides a REST API for most other implementations.
  • Lightweight Footprint
    • Created for low-memory, low-power devices, the agent can be configured to conserve power, bandwidth and other resources depending on your needs.
  • Sensor Readings
    • Manage sensors like temperature, humidity, and location. Kii's agent will handle the communication and storage.

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