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Advanced Analytics for your Unity 3D game

There's more to mobile app success than having a reasonable strategy, an attractive UI design and solid development. In-app Analytics is key to measuring the execution and value of all the important things that happen within your app. Developers usua... Read more »

Don’t bank on vanity mobile app metrics

Could mobile app metrics impede your success? You bet, especially if they’re not really metrics. Last year Mixpanel co-founder and CEO Suhail Doshi called for an end to “bullshit metrics”—often called “vanity metrics”—because they fa... Read more »

Mobile App Analytics: How to Evaluate User Behavior

Track user behavior to find out if your mobile app’s user experience and interface live up to expectations. When you spot patterns, you can predict future behaviors and tweak your app to the greatest advantage. Map out the user journey Take a ... Read more »

Driving Mobile App Performance: It’s a Numbers Game

Having the right data is vital for making decisions to improve and market your app. But not all stats are created equal. This is the first post in a series looking at the... Read more »