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Blog Entries

Another MBaaS Acquisition and Why Vendor Viability Matters

You've spent months building your app. Cultivating your idea, perfecting your design and of course, writing the code. You're a savvy developer so you use all the tools available to make your app more stable and get to market faster. An MBaaS (Mobile ... Read more »

3 Reasons App Developers Need to Think Multiscreen

There’s one big important answer to that question – customers. The people who download and use your app aren’t restricted to one type of device, and they don’t want to be.... Read more »

5 tips to revitalize your stalled mobile app project

You've made big headway with your app, but development issues have you stuck in limbo. You're not alone. ... Read more »

Register for Gigaom’s free mobile analytics webinar sponsored by Kii

Beyond Downloads: Comprehensive Mobile Application Analytics Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 10:00AM PT/ 1:00PM ET Mobile application development has become a priority for businesses of all sizes, from indie dev teams to startups to enterprises. Wi... Read more »

Roll out the welcome mat for guest users

Traveling home for the holidays, you put up with a lot. An uncomfortable pullout couch. Visions of maniacal sugar plum fairies manifested by too much eggnog and mom’s jello surprise. Uncle Jimmy's incessant yammering about gout and his latest root ... Read more »

Kii Sponsors 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition

Listen up, mobile app developers: We've got an exciting chance for you to win up to $45,000 in prizes in the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition.... Read more »

Mobile gamers pay to play in China

China's burgeoning app market is the next hot frontier for mobile games, with revenues expected to surpass $1.2 billion by the end of 2013. Driving the trend are the proliferation of smart devices in what is now the world's largest mobile app market.... Read more »

How to handle the tribulations of free mobile app trials

Free trials in the tech world are nothing new. They’ve long been used to get a critical mass of potential customers in the door quickly. The idea is to hook users on your app during a trial period so they won’t be able to live without it when it... Read more »

M2M/IoT hackfest winner uses Kii Cloud

We've got another chance to visit London for our "Kii Hackfest: Life, Connected". Kii sponsored the event submitting a challenge to encourage developers involved or interested in IoT ("Internet of Things") to try a solid, scalable back-end like Kii C... Read more »

How to name your mobile app

It seems like mobile developers spend more time naming their applications than I spent choosing a name for my son, and with good reason. Having the right name is critical to your app’s success. So, what do I mean by the right name and how do you ma... Read more »