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Blog Entries

Navigation design: No longer business as usual

Pressure’s on to create a unique experience, but mobile app navigation is one of those strange areas where it’s better to be a sheep. Developers often run into trouble when they attempt to reinvent the wheel. On the other hand, apps using older ... Read more »

Get Ready for a Sleighload of Mobile App Installs

he 2013 holiday app season officially kicks off on Halloween, and the picture is looking mighty merry for mobile app developers. In case you missed it, Apple’s App Store recorded 2 billion downloads in December 2012, much of that during “holiday ... Read more »

Roundup: Top 10 mobile app user complaints

Ugh! Don’t you just hate it when apps ___________________. It probably took you about a second to fill in the blank. We all have mobile app pet peeves. Unfortunately, when users decide to trash an app, they don’t just let it go. Everything start... Read more »

How to Drive Revenue With In-App Purchases

Most iOS app revenue comes from in-app purchases. In fact, a recent survey co-produced by Kii portfolio partner App Annie projects IAP will take 51% of the $12 billion mobile game revenue projected for this year. That’s a lot of cash, but nobody... Read more »

10 tips for making great mobile app promo videos

Bloggers, reviewers and potential users watch promo videos or trailers to decide whether mobile apps deserve a second glance. Luckily you don’t need a big marketing department or huge budget to make memorable videos. Here are 10 tips for developers... Read more »

App store optimization (ASO), the magic bullet for attracting more mobile users

“If you build it, they will come” might work for baseball fields in Iowa, but you need to be much more proactive in the highly competitive mobile app market. App store optimization (ASO) is a crucial step to get your app out of the shadows and in... Read more »

Think big before you think small—5 secrets to mobile app scalability

Scaling an app is like replacing all the components of a car while driving it at 100mph. And you don’t get to choose when scaling challenges come up. - Mike Krieger, Instagram ... Read more »

5 Tips to Recover From a Buggy Mobile App Launch

Bugs happen, even to the big guys, but don’t freak out. A Compuware study from earlier this year found that 79% of users are willing to retry an app once or twice if it fails to work properly the first time. Here are five tips to keep bugs from bog... Read more »

Mobile app analytics: Are users doing things your way?

Your dev team painstakingly maps user journeys through your app. What you expect users to do. Where you expect them to go. What you want them to tap or swipe on each screen. But are they actually following the path you carefully laid out or blazing t... Read more »