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Kii Expert of the Week: Srinivas Reddy Katta, Managing Director, Ideabytes Inc

This week we sit down with Srinivas Reddy Katta, the Managing Driector at Ideabytes to understand what you need to think about when building your IoT solution. Q: What are initial thoughts about IoT today? A: Things happening at a much faster pace. T... Read more »

Kii Expert of the Week: David Goswick, CEO, HOUZE

This week we sit down with David Goswick, the CEO at HOUZE to discuss IoT. Q: What is the mission of HOUZE? A: HOUZE will revolutionize the home building industry. The mission is to make every home a smart zero-energy home – both new and existi... Read more »

Kii Expert of the Week: Chris Beauchamp, Developer Evangelist, Kii

This week we sit down with our own developer evangelist, a long-time app developer and IoT expert. Q: Where does one get started on an IoT project? A: Well it all starts out with the hardware. You need a device that’s capable and does, well, so... Read more »

Kii Expert of the Week: Masanari Arai, CEO / Founder, Kii

This week we sit down with Kii CEO and Founder, Masanari Arai to discuss a new commercial market for IoT. Q: Can you tell us how Kii came about and specifically how you got into IoT? A: My entire career has been in wireless technology and mobile. In ... Read more »

Smart Cities – Part 1: The Basics

More than 50% of world population lives in urban areas – and is expected to grow to over 65% by 2050. Of the urban dwellers, one in eight live in mega cities (10M+ population) and the rest in cities of different sizes, of which the fastest growing ... Read more »

Enable an IoT wearable app with Android Gear Live and Kii (Part 1)

How to connect a smart watch to the cloud The Internet of Things is transforming how we live and work, quickly becoming part of our everyday ... Read more »

CliMate + Kii: A tale of two clouds

More startups and large enterprises are working on Internet of Things (IoT) projects. In fact, according to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 96% of business leaders expect their companies to use the IoT in some respect within the next thr... Read more »

miniMole revealed! Inside our new platform for smart camera

JUST ANNOUNCED.......................... Read more »