IoT Solution Accelerators

Fully customizable vertical solutions for faster ROI.

Built on Kii’s proven IoT Solutions Enablement platform for extensability, scalability, interoperability and performance, Solution Accelerators enable highly customizable IoT-powered solutions that are custom-fit for your unique business case.

IoT Solution Accelerators

Key Features

All solution accelerators come with a full-fledged reference implementation, complete with relevant data models, APIs, business rules, apps and dashboards.

  • Device Integration & Onboarding
  • Data Model & APIs
  • Business Rules & Automation
  • Apps & Dashboards
  • Reference Solution

Device Integration & Onboarding

Install the Kii agent on your IoT devices and work with the Kii team to determine which data to send and when. With just a few configurations, the agent will handle:

  • Device onboarding and provisioning in the cloud
  • Creating a secure 2-way connection between the device and cloud
  • Uploading data in real-time or at configurable intervals
  • Downloading and syncing configuration files
  • Remotely installing updates to software and firmware on the device
  • Optional remote access to connected devices

To learn more about our agent and the installation process, please contact us.

Data Model & APIs

Your solution has its own requirements, and a cookie-cutter solution won't suffice. Create customized data models to mirror your real-life solution for a more streamlined flow.

  • Free-form data models give you control over how data is stored and tracked so nothing in your solution is overlooked
  • Customizable metadata allows you to store multiple data types and unlimited attributes
  • RESTful APIs allow you to access your data from anywhere, including custom tools and dashboards

Apps & Dashboards

Give your team a mobile app to stay connected in the field, and monitor your solution using a web dashboard. This allows you and your team to:

  • Allow employees to sign in, view, and update their tasks
  • Send and receive alerts to team members and devices
  • View the status of every device and employee in the field
  • Generate analytics based on device and solution performance
  • Update individual or global device configurations
  • Automatically update software on remote devices

Reference Solution

All solution accelerators come with pre-built libraries, apps, and a dashboard. The reference solution for your industry can be run immediately, then customized to your specific IoT devices and business requirements. Out of the box, solutions include:

  • Your own Web Dashboard
  • Mobile apps for your team and customers
  • A provisioned cloud backend, complete with APIs and reference data model
  • Virtual devices in the cloud
    • See how devices are provisioned and managed before setting up any hardware

Business Rules & Automation

Add automation and customizable logic to your solution with no coding required. Solution Accelerator business rules allow you to:

  • Create decision tables for automatic data and notification generation
  • Define actions to take when one or more devices pass a threshold
  • Send alerts to team members when certain conditions are met
  • Create and change rules at any time through the web dashboard

Customizing Your Solution

Solution Accelerators are designed to help you get up and running quickly, but can be fully customized to suit your business and technology needs. A typical process is as follows:

  1. Customize data ingestion
    • Choose from a variety of data ingestion methods (device/gateway agents, APIs, message bus etc.)
  2. Customize the backend data models
    • Add metadata or attributes, file structures, customize user permissions, and more
  3. Customize business rules and logic
    • Define custom business rules, upload custom business logic, set up alerts that work for you, etc.
  4. Update look and feel
    • Make the solution yours! From the mobile apps to the web portal, add your own style. Or create your own mobile/web apps using our SDKs.

Built on Kii's Proven IoT Platform

Why worry about building, managing and scaling a full cloud solution?

Kii Platform provides all necessary components to create IoT solutions at an industry-proven, carrier-grade scale. Each Solution Accelerator leverages the Kii Platform which means you not only get the functionality, scale and performance - but also the 24/7 operations you need to support your business.

The tri-layer Kii IoT Solutions Enablement Platform enables solution developers create compelling IoT solutions quickly and cost-effectively for faster POCs, scalable production deployments and faster ROIs.

Device & Gateway Agents

The bottom layer of the platform is all about cloud enablement of devices, sensors and gateways for bi-directional data exchange with the cloud.

The Cloud Backend

The core of the platform, it provides all necessary backend middleware that most IoT solutions need so that solution developers don't have to develop an entire backend and also so that customer don't need to hire an ops team to manage their backend. Details of the middleware functionality can be found here.


Whether you are creating mobile apps, web dashboards/portals or simply integrating your solution with other services/solutions or third-party products, use the REST APIs or various SDKs (JavaScript, iOS, Android) to fast track your development.

Cloud Backend
User Management
Data Management
Rules Management
Location Management
Server Extensions
Device Management
Push Notifications
Message Bus
A/B Testing
Device & Gateway Agents
Cloud Enablement
Onboarding & Device Management
Bi-directional Data Exchange

What if Kii doesn’t have an accelerator for my use case?

Our Asset Monitoring solution accelerator can be customized for many IoT use cases. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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