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Blog Entries

Introducing Kii Cloud Server Extension

We are happy to announce a powerful new feature on Kii Cloud that brings custom server code to your app - Kii Server Extension! What is Kii Server Extension? With many MBaaS solutions, sometimes having client SDKs alone isn't enough. Maybe your app... Read more »

Introducing Kii Cloud Data Browser

One of our most-requested features is now available in the Kii Developer Portal! The Kii Data Browser allows you to view objects that are being created and stored within your app. Built with an awesome UI, the browser allows you to easily drill in... Read more »

Kii Cloud Launches Unity SDK, Data Browser and Server Extension!

We are happy to announce some exciting new features that will make building your app even easier! Kii Cloud is an MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) that gives you the tools to add backend and cloud services to your mobile app without ever writing ... Read more »

Driving Mobile App Performance: It’s a Numbers Game

Having the right data is vital for making decisions to improve and market your app. But not all stats are created equal. This is the first post in a series looking at the... Read more »

Guide to Pricing Mobile Apps

“We already paid out more money to Android developers this year than in the whole of 2012,” revealed CEO Larry Page during Google’s Q2 2013 earnings call on July 18. In April, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer painted a ... Read more »

A fresh look at using files on Kii Cloud

Objects vs. Files Kii Cloud is born from a powerful mobile sync engine where files have always been a preferred type. For our SDKs, you will recognize these as KiiFile objects. These KiiFile types are geared specifically for our sync infrastructu... Read more »

Video Tutorial: Implement iOS Push Notifications with Kii Cloud

Push notifications can be one of the trickiest implementations of your iOS app. Between Apple's certificates, app ids, provisioning profiles and the actual code - it's a nontrivial task. Going beyond that, you'll need to set up a specialized server t... Read more »