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Blog Entries

The Art of Getting (and Using) Customer Feedback

As a mobile app designer and developer, your job is to put yourself in your user’s shoes. You probably think a lot about personas and mental models for your end users,... Read more »

Geolocation with Kii Cloud on iOS

Kii Cloud has recently released geolocation for its iOS SDK (if you're an android dev, this is also available - see our post here). One of the most useful features of any smartphone is the fact that the device is location-aware. This gives develop... Read more »

iOS Sample App for Kii Cloud: MyPix

MyPix is a bare-bones sample application that shows you how to create a user account then upload and browse pictures within that account. Pictures are available across devices, and this sample can easily be extended with social layers, sharing, and b... Read more »

New feature: E-mail Template Configuration

Our developer portal has just been updated with a great new feature: Email Template Configuration. Kii Cloud has long supported user registration with email verification. When verification is enabled in your app, users receive an email with a link... Read more »

Using an MBaaS in your Mobile Game (Part 2): High score tracker on the Cloud

Game developers are relying on services like Kii Cloud to get everything they need to have a robust, scalable gaming back-end that works across all the platforms that their game supports. This removes the complexity of back-end implementation, offers... Read more »

How to Kill Your App in 3 Seconds or Less

“Every second counts” has never been truer than with mobile app: you literally have two or three seconds to win, engage and keep a user. ... Read more »

KiiToolkit: Get your app a 5-star rating with KTAppRater

Our team has just released a new feature for KiiToolkit on iOS called KTAppRater. Don't know what KiiToolkit is? Check out our post on the topic What is KTAppRater? KTAppRater is a utility that prompts your user for a rating in the app store after... Read more »

Compete Against the Big Guys (Even When You’re One of Them)

hether you’re an independent developer, a fledgling startup or part of a corporate dev team, the emphasis on mobile app development within enterprises is a trend to watch. The same big corporations that were fighting BYOD (bring your own device)... Read more »

Interview with Francisco Lozano, Asst. Director of Engineering at Kii

I had the opportunity to interview Francisco Lozano, the Assistant Director of Engineering at Kii. Francisco works from our office in Valencia, Spain, knows Kii technology inside & out and is responsible for some of the most critical systems runn... Read more »

iOS Tutorial: KTTableViewController

Our team has just released a new iOS tutorial (complete with downloadable sample code) for KTTableViewController, one of the new features of KiiToolkit. Don't know what KiiToolkit is? Check out our post on the topic... Read more »

Launch Your Mobile App Behind China’s ‘Great Firewall’

We’ve seen a big uptake in China mobile app distribution requests since China breezed by the United States to become the world’s largest smartphone market. Explosive user growth is just one part of the story. With an expected 500 million smart... Read more »

New Feature: Team Collaboration

Kii Cloud now supports team collaboration! Simply log into and view your application. From there, you can select Collaborators and add teammates to your project. This allows multiple team members to manage the app, view an... Read more »

Geolocation with Kii Cloud on Android

Having smart devices that are constantly aware of geographic positioning introduces many advantages but also new challenges for mobile application developers. Not only do developers find that data often needs to be efficiently stored with associated ... Read more »


OK, here’s a quick quiz for you. Did you start developing mobile apps because you: A. Love the thrill of developing an addictive game or useful tool so well designed it can change people’s behavior — and even their lives? B. Really like wra... Read more »

App Store Success – Part 3: Open Source Demo

Previously we discussed tips and tricks for app store success, including a tool called In-App Analytics. This is a very powerful tool which can help you better analyze your app and users at a deeper level than traditional analytics. If you missed the... Read more »