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Blog Entries

App Store Success – Part 2: In-App Analytics

As an app developer trying to turn your app into a business, it is necessary to utilize the right tools for success. One of the most important tools is your application's analytics. In this video, learn more about how a new breed of analytics, in-... Read more »

Using an MBaaS in your Mobile Game (Part 1): Preferences Manager on the Cloud

If you don't want your game to be isolated from the outside world, a back-end server is a must-have. A server provides a way to manage users, share game data (high scores, achievements, etc) and enable social interactions (among others). However, cre... Read more »

DZone’s Definite Guide to Cloud Providers featuring Kii

Have you ever tried sifting through the hundreds of cloud solutions available in today’s market? There are so many categories of cloud providers that it’s hard to know if you’re researching the right one’s for your use case. So how do y... Read more »

Using Arbitrary Events in your Android app to do Analytics with Kii

If you read our previous blog post about Kii Analytics on Android you got a taste of how powerful and flexible it can be to analyze back-end data. In this post I'm going to show you an extra capability in Kii Analytics where you can trigger arbitrary... Read more »

App Store Success – Part 1: Best practices and tools

The app store is a crowded place. For app developers who are trying to compete - especially those trying to build a business - how can you stand out above the crowd? Check out the first part in the three-part series for building better apps using ... Read more »

New eBook: 5 Star Apps – 10 Keys to Success

Today we are proud to announce the release of our very first eBook. This guide for mobile app developers discusses 10 keys for successfully creating and maintaining a 5-star app. From planning and curating your idea to optimizing your app and learnin... Read more »