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Blog Entries

Advanced Android app Analytics with Kii

There are many aspects to take into consideration when defining your app analytics strategy but one of the top ones is to make sure you pick a provider you can grow with. If you have an iOS app and are looking to create an Android version for example... Read more »

Win over $40k in prizes in the Kii Cloud App Challenge

Are you an app developer? Do you have an existing project or working on a new one? If so, submit your app into the Kii Cloud App Challenge for your chance to win cash and prizes valued at over $40,000! ... Read more »

Multiple ad networks on Android

As an Android developer you know that including ads in your apps is one of the major sources of monetization (when combined with in-app purchases, these methods account for more revenue than paid apps). But there's a myriad of ad networks out there m... Read more »

Migrate your mobile backend to Kii Cloud

As a developer you must ask a number of questions when planning the backend for your app or service. This goes beyond uptime, scalability and cost (which are also very important!) but also should include questions like "Where is my data? Who owns it?... Read more »