Bringing IoT Solutions To Market

Space ( is an open IoT ecosystem enabling the development and distribution of innovative IoT products into the retail and mobile carrier channels. Space addresses the unique challenges of IoT device manufacturers (the supply side) and the carriers/retailers (the demand side) in bringing IoT solutions to market.

The Device Manufacturer’s Challenges

● Platform
This problem is about how to create global, scalable, and performant IoT products quickly. More specifically it is about the backend and infrastructure used to manage devices, users and data of their IoT solution - and functionality like analytics, A/B testing, notifications etc.

● Provisioning
Device manufacturers want to be able to distribute their solutions thru multiple channels. Each of those channels potentially has different warranties, different onboarding and account/billing integration requirements etc. Furthermore, depending on the channel, the device manufacturer’s product might need to interoperate with different set of products and solutions. Plus, each channel might have different certification processes.

The Carrier’s (and Retailer’s) Challenges

● Interoperability
Carriers and retailers are increasingly interested in providing themed solutions to be able to monetize IoT better. i.e., instead of selling disparate products like cameras or door sensors, they want to be able to sell full solutions - like home security solution, for example. The question then is, how to create these full solutions from disparate products coming from different device manufacturers?

● Monetization
Carriers and retailers have captive (and growing) user bases to which they’ve been selling disparate mobile/smartphone products and services. Now the question is - what can they do with IoT? How to create, integrate and monetize IoT solutions - especially on a recurring revenue basis? And how to integrate these IoT solutions (and the underlying disparate IoT products from different manufacturers) into the billing/account systems?

The Cloud Hub
Space’s Cloud Hub addresses the challenges we discussed in the previous section.

For Device Manufacturers, the Cloud Hub provides

● An extensible, scalable, performant and worldwide IoT platform to address the backend functionality required by IoT solutions. This includes user/data/device management, analytics, push notifications, A/B testing etc.
● Provisioning capabilities to enable device manufacturer to easily plug into the backend systems of different channels.

For Carriers and Retailers, the Cloud Hub provides

● Integration of IoT products from different device manufacturers to the billing/account management systems.
● A platform to assemble full solutions from disparate IoT products from different device manufacturers, creating interoperability thru the cloud.

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