Sep 18, 2013 Kii Expands Cloud Platform to Include Unity SDK Support, Geolocation, Customizable Push Notification, and Other Features

Kii Expands Cloud Platform to Include Unity SDK Support, Geolocation, Customizable Push Notification, and Other Features

First-Ever End-to-End Localization, Distribution, and Monetization Cloud Service Platform for Mobile Apps Targets World’s Largest iOS and Android Market

Integration of Leading Game Platform Part of Broader Mission to Increase Kii Cloud’s Reach to All App Developers

TOKYO, JAPAN and SAN MATEO, CA and SHANGHAI, CHINA–(Marketwired – Sep 18, 2013) – Kii, an end-to-end partner for mobile developers, today introduced several key features to its Kii Cloud platform to further help app creators of all kinds maximize revenue, gain global distribution, and turn their apps into businesses. Chief among them is support for the Unity SDK, Customizable Push Notification, Geolocation, Data Browser, and Server Extension functionally, all aimed at enabling more developers to improve their apps with Kii Cloud’s easy-to-use, highly configurable mobile backend functions.

Unity3d is a leading mobile gaming platform used by more than two million registered developers globally., Kii Cloud now offers Unity game developers these features immediately:

  • Cloud-based user and data management: Developers can use Kii Cloud to handle player log-in and store any data and objects used in their games.
  • Customizable analytics for Unity-based games: Kii Cloud enables developers to understand standard game metrics like retention, engagement and monetization, as well as custom measurement to improve game design.
  • Expanded distribution services for China and Japan: Through Kii to China, developers can distribute their Unity-based games to the world’s largest smartphone market; through Kii’s handset and carrier partnerships in Japan, they can also distribute their Unity-based games to the world’s best monetized mobile gaming market.

“This is exciting for Unity game developers because not only can they now leverage the solid backend services and custom analytics through Kii Cloud but also leverage Kii’s distribution and monetization services in Asia, including Kii-to-China.” said David Helgason, CEO and cofounder of Unity. “We think a lot of them will use Kii’s SDK and backend services to improve their Unity games in ways they never thought possible.”

Kii is currently working with Unity and other developers to create more exciting features for game developers.

“The improved Kii Cloud supports our broader mission to enable more developers with flexible features they can use across multiple varieties of platforms, devices and apps,” said Masanari Arai, Kii founder and CEO. “Gaming, in particular, is a very large market for mobile developers, and it’s always our goal to add features which can help the largest developer communities turn their apps into global businesses.”

Overview of Kii Cloud and New Platform Features

Kii Cloud provides an out-of-the-box mobile development back-end solution that removes the need to write a single line of server code, instantly providing reliable and scalable data storage services for mobile apps. The platform provides a set of services to help with user acquisition, retention, and monetization on an international scale. The new features include:

  • Push Notifications – Helps developers create engaging mobile app experiences for their users, with a powerful messaging channel that can deliver targeted notifications to apps and users. Kii offers three Push Notification options:
    • Push to App: Send notifications to the app – so that the app can know about changes in server-side data.
    • Push to Users: Send notifications between app users or groups using a publish-subscribe model.
    • Direct Push: Send notifications to users of the app from the application developer.
  • Geolocation API – Lets developers easily add strong location-based functionalities in apps. Developers can build complex scenarios with multiple locations per objects and query locations and other attributes together.
  • Data Browser – Allows developers to browse their data without writing a query. Also gives development team the ability to review application data without learning the full data architecture.
  • Server Extension – Enables developers to create custom business logic on Kii Cloud, writing their own server code without the hassle of managing any servers of their own.
  • Unity Integration – As noted, Kii Cloud is the only mobile backend platform to provide data management, user management and analytics for Unity, the leading game development platform for mobile.

About Kii:
Kii provides end-to-end partnerships to mobile developers who want to maximize revenue, gain global distribution, and turn their apps into full-time businesses. It offers a unique combination of cloud technology and distribution services, along with an early stage investment partnership fund designed to help mobile app developers monetize and grow their business, and marketing/distribution in Japan, China, and many other large mobile markets. Led by innovators in mobile and cloud-related technology, Kii is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with offices in San Mateo, California, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China and today employs more than 100 engineers and business professionals around the world. For more information please visit us at or follow us on Twitter@kiicorp