Kii Technology Keeps Petroleum Operations Running Smoothly Despite Labor Constraints Due to COVID-19 Crisis

San Mateo, CA- March 22, 2020, Internet of Things Technology leader Kii is proving to be a lifesaver for petroleum marketers during the COVID-19 crisis. Kii’s real-time full featured Tank Monitoring Solution allows companies to view oil and gas levels and alarms from afar, on both the web and the mobile, keeping employees out of harm’s way. And Kii’s managed services approach proactively identifies and resolve issues before a customer even is aware there is an issue. For example, Kii’s remote diagnostic tools monitors performance and trouble shoots so that operations are uninterrupted. This allows petroleum marketers to focus on operations which is essential during labor constraints caused by COVID-19 crisis.

Director of Retail Dealers at Colonial Oil Industries, Inc., Ray Bordeaux, adopted Kii’s tank monitoring solution last December, and as a result has not had his business impacted from the need to isolate due to COVID-19. Using the Kii system, Bordeaux’s dispatchers can work from home, something which never would have been feasible before implementing Kii’s real-time monitoring. “There is much less worry and stress, thanks to Kii’s software,” says Bordeaux. “The app and web- based programs allow us to view customers’ inventory and alarms from absolutely anywhere. In this case, our living rooms.”

Bordeaux had the Kii technology added last December and found it instantly beneficial. Upon installation, which requires no technical expertise, he saw his company’s productivity soar. “We installed the Kii software at our stations and the technology has saved my company hours of manpower weekly per station,” he says. “Running out of inventory is the kiss of death to a retailer,” explains Bordeaux. “Customers lose faith and we then lose their business. It’s imperative that we keep our tanks full and operable if we are going to remain competitive.” And as gas stations are deemed by the federal government to be an essential business, it’s imperative that Bordeaux’s stations remain operable, productive and efficient – not only to maintain the bottom line of his business but to maintain the wellbeing of his customers.

His fuel is also critical to the many farmers to which his company supplies oil and gas. Also considered an essential business to remain operable, during the COVID-19 pandemic, without enough fuel, his farmers would be crippled. Via the same protocol of remote monitoring and the cloud ability to tend to issues before they arise, Kii’s monitoring keeps the farms sustained and profitable. Without the Kii technology, monitoring from afar would be impossible. Workers would be forced to commute daily, work in close contact and potentially risk their health. With the Kii software they are full steam ahead without leaving their homes.

For petroleum marketers wishing to launch the Kii Solution, even during this unusual time of shelter in place, Kii has programs that can reduce or even eliminate the effort for petroleum marketers by our easy to install gateways for monitoring underground storage tanks. Or our replacement program for above ground tanks, where Kii shoulders the responsibility for installation. The solution for underground tanks can be shipped directly to each location, installation requires no technical experience, and set up is under 15 minutes. For replacement of above ground tank sensors, Kii will handle all aspects of installing new sensors which removes the complexity and expense for the petroleum marketer and allows for daily operations without interruption.

Kii Corporation is a Cisco portfolio company. They offer a mature, enterprise-grade IoT Solution Enablement Platform and Solutions for select verticals such as Smart Vending, Petroleum Tank Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring and more. Kii enables cost-effective, complex IoT solutions, addressing unique customer requirements over the life cycle of the business. For information on tank monitoring please contact: