Kii Revolutionizes Water Tank Temperature Monitoring in NYC High Rises Sparing Millions of Dollars in Damage and Danger

San Mateo, CA- For property owners and their managers responsible for monitoring those iconic wooden water tanks situated on rooftops across the NYC skyline, life will never be the same – thanks to innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technology created by Kii.

Up until recently, the only way building staff could comply with the stringent NYC Fire Code standard of daily testing of tank water temperatures, during the frigid winters in the Northeast, was to climb the high tank towers and take a manual reading – risking their lives while they battled whipping winds against their back and icy roof conditions. It was an archaic method, but the only process known.

“Using these rooftop wooden tanks to supply water within buildings has not changed since the 1880’s when they started to build over 6 stories tall,” explains Barry Small founder of myTankTemp, who was tasked with finding a better solution to comply with the Fire Codes and enlisted Kii Technology to help solve the problem. “It’s not only a fire hazard if the tank water freezes and the fire department can’t tap into the tank as a water source, but it’s a living necessity for the residents who depend on the tank’s efficient operation for their drinking, cooking and bathing.”

The myTankTemp system utilizing Kii’s IoT technology is a game changer. Gone are the mandatory daily manual temperature checks to the 20K gallon tanks and instead a high-tech, automated system monitors the temperature 24/7 – transmitting an alert if the water dips below 40 degrees. Text and email alarms are instantly sent to building management noting that the water is too cold and precautions are needed. The fully standalone system operates on its own power and communicates to the cloud via the latest IoT cellular networks.

Scott Hochhauser, 4th generation owner of the 130-year old ISSEKS Brothers company, one of just two NYC tank building and maintenance companies, says the Kii technology used in the myTankTemp system proved to be invaluable this past winter. “This technology enables all building stakeholders to have a real-time understanding of what is going on with their tanks while also keeping them compliant with the NYC Fire Codes. It’s safer for the infrastructure and also for the residents.”

Needless to say, the number of tanks equipped with the myTankTemp system utilizing Kii’s water temperature monitoring technology will continue to grow. And with that trend, a dramatic decline to the number instances of water tank eruptions avoiding potential catastrophic property damage and occupant disruption.

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