Kii Creates “Super Intelligent” Vending Machine Capability with Superior Advanced Technology

San Mateo, CA – Internet of Things Technology leader Kii is making smart vending machines even smarter. Laser-focused on addressing the high-performance demands required by new type of vending solutions today, Kii’s technology enables conversations between the machine and a company in real-time.

Kii Smart Vending Now is built on solution framework accelerators which support highly customizable IoT powered solutions to suit each brand’s individual needs. Now, they are able real-time-react to changes in machine status and problem-solve. The ability to do so ultimately saves businesses thousands in revenue and drives a superior customer experience.

Kii’s monitoring connects all smart machines in the field with its cloud monitoring service enabling rich data driven insights. There, managers and appropriate stakeholders can be alerted in real-time when product is running low and if the machine is not operating properly. In many instances, this allows problems to be diagnosed and solved before customers are impacted. This advancement in technology makes the smart vending machines intelligent.

Intelligent vending machines have emerged as a convenient and low-cost option allowing operators to offer consumers options previously available only in stores through use of data collected from sensors. Kii’s agile IoT framework is uniquely suited to support cost effective deployment of this new vending paradigm.

“We chose this technology in order to be fully connected to the client,” says Mark Meyers, CMO of Sprizzi, a drink company which manufacturers self-serve cold beverages ( The company plans to have its soon-to-be improved Kii-powered technology at office complexes, in homes, in hotels and in restaurants by late 2019. “It’s very important that we are able to monitor the machines and deploy a self-corrected functionality tactic. The (Kii) intelligent technology enables that.”

In addition to the immediate communication between the machine and a company’s service personnel, is the ability to alter advertising and marketing campaigns instantly. That feature is crucial to Shawn Marquardt, President of 24-7 Pizza Box ( The Hot Vending Box, which offers pizza made to-order, needs to know rapidly when ingredients are running low and expiring. In addition, the company needs to have the ability to swiftly change prices on pizza slices to accommodate traffic and other external factors. “We engaged with Kii early on in the process of creating our advanced technology,” shares Marquardt. “The versatility and ability to rapidly communicate ads with the cloud which communicates to the machine is imperative.”

Kii is changing the smart vending machine landscape. Making vending more efficient, less complex for the business to manage and in turn deepening the company’s bottom line with better product, improved marketing ability and superior service to their customers.

Kii Corporation is a Cisco portfolio company. We offer a mature, enterprise-grade IoT Solution Enablement Platform and Solutions for select verticals such as Smart Vending, Petroleum Tank Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring and more. Kii enables cost-effective, complex IoT solutions, addressing unique customer requirements over the life cycle of the business.