Kii-connected Rooti CliMate monitors humidity, UV index and temperature wherever you are, wherever you go.

  • Bluetooth-enabled personal environment tracker gauges surrounding temperature, UVI and humidity
  • Powered by Kii IoT platform: User management, data storage,^C push notifications and analytics
  • Based in Mountain View, CA and Taipei, Taiwan


To meet growing consumer demand for smarter, more connected gadgets, Rooti knew CliMate would have to stand out. Hardware had to be compact, lightweight and attractive. Sensors needed pinpoint accuracy, a challenge other consumer Bluetooth-connected trackers had yet to solve. Data had to seamlessly sync with the customer’s iOS or Android device, and the app experience itself had to be effortless. And, as a Kickstarter-funded endeavor, time was of the essence. Backers had to get their products in the promised timeframe.

Using Kii took a lot of pressure off Rooti’s internal resources. The cloud-based IoT Platform provided all the building blocks needed to accelerate CliMate to market while getting everything about it exactly right. Rooti CEO Michael Li explains, “Kii hugely minimizes platform-centric hassles, which meant we could focus on our hardware, mobile app user experience and unique plant-symbolized user interface. It was incredibly fast and easy for us to integrate into our project, and I’m really pleased with the result. Our app so crunches the most important data into an image everyone instinctively understands, a plant that thrives in optimal conditions. CliMate is simple, beautiful, highly intuitive and interactive in a fun way. We’re also able to scale without having to worry about servers since Kii monitors everything and handles the provisioning.”

Additional features the Rooti team developed include real-time push notification alerts for unexpected weather changes and temperature fluctuations, and a personalized sunscreen application timer based on skin tone and SPF rating.


CliMate continuously gathers HUT (humidity/ UVI/ temp) and syncs to your phone every 15 minutes. Aggregated readings are stored in the cloud, so you can view your daily, weekly and monthly environmental charts from anywhere. Want to monitor several locations? Place additional CliMates wherever you want or leave one at home and take another with you. Your app tracks them all and a single CliMate supports multiple users.

With each household producing a massive amount of data, and the potential to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, Li decided to partner with Kii to ensure CliMate’s performance and availability. “Kii has a track record of supporting the world’s largest mobile companies. Now that it’s integrated, we find it very easy to manage CliMate’s global app backend with user management, data storage and in-depth analytics.”


See more accurate weather data wherever you’re going with WeatherBook, a community-sourced real-time weather map that displays CliMate user data alongside local weather station readings. While most companies struggle with big data, Rooti looked beyond storage to unique customer benefits all along. Simply share your readings to contribute to the map. Over time, the growing cloud database visually and statistically shows which areas in your environment have hazardous weather conditions.


People everywhere have a need to measure accurate humidity, temperature and UVI, from San Francisco Bay Area microclimates to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Phuket. It’s no wonder international buzz for the CliMate Kickstarter was so widespread, with press and blogger coverage in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and German, to name a few languages.

“We received a lot of very promising reviews at early stages and were able to include international backers in our Kickstarter project. This was very important to us personally, and to our success. Our company has operations in both the United States and Taiwan and we wanted to serve both of our home markets as well as other areas,” explains Li. “Kii’s global platform, optimized for IoT devices, and partnerships have given us the ability to accelerate our timeline for CliMate’s deployment significantly, and to all potential markets, from the US and Europe, to Japan and China.”

CliMate’s first shipment is to its 832 Kickstarter backers and Li is working to roll out its mass-market distribution plan. When asked about his experience using Kii, Li replies, “The entire experience has been great. Kii is not another technology company that leaves you on your own after sign-up. We had developers and business contacts available to work hand-in-hand with us, making sure everything worked. I know CliMate can scale to support millions of users, no matter where they live. We will definitely consider Kii for our future products.”

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All images copyright Rooti. Used with permission.