OK, here’s a quick quiz for you. Did you start developing mobile apps because you:

A. Love the thrill of developing an addictive game or useful tool so well designed it can change people’s behavior — and even their lives?
B. Really like wrangling servers, sifting through database code and struggling with user authentication?
C. Enjoy the entire end-to-end experience of building an app from scratch?

Like most mobile app developers, I suspect your answer is A. (If it’s B or C, keep reading anyway.) With 44% of Americans now using smartphones, apps are becoming a bigger part of people’s everyday lives. Mobile apps help us run businesses, manage our health, communicate with friends and family, and provide hours of entertainment.

As a mobile developer, you hold the keys to launching the next life-altering app. But you need to get there before, and create a better experience than your competition.

Get closer to the finish line
Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) providers (such as Kii Cloud) help you get to market first by leapfrogging over unnecessary steps in developing your app. Backend development platforms give you:

• Cloud-based data storage and access
• Hosting
• REST API generation
• Social media integration
• User authentication and management
• Database creation and management
• Messaging/notifications

When you don’t have to spin up servers and manage databases, you can concentrate on designing a front-end experience that wins the hearts of users. With a services provider you trust, you can also count on backend stability and performance.

Put ego aside
Yes, many developers take great pride in building personal cloud servers and databases from scratch. But the truth is, it slows them down. Starting with backend code already in place removes at least one-third of the work normally associated with developing a mobile app, and the 4 a.m. work schedules and bleary eye-squinting that go along with writing all that code.

A mobile cloud backend solution can reduce your development time by more than half. So think carefully about your goals. Are bragging rights on Quora and virtual pats on the back on Google+ your priorities? Or would you rather get your app to users as quickly as possible?

Future-proof your projects
Servers require code rewrites and upgrades over time. As mobile technology evolves, you need reliable access to the most up-to-date standards and capabilities. Resisting the temptation to DIY helps you avoid performance issues.

In a world where users will abandon your app if it doesn’t load in three seconds or less, the performance of your mobile app means everything to your success.

Access to high-grade servers and bug-free code typically characterize the back-end platforms available for mobile developers. With Kii Cloud, for example, we handle the upgrades while allowing you to code to one SDK.

Stop worrying about scalability
One of the biggest challenges for developers is what happens when the app suddenly takes off. Overnight you need more power, more storage, more, more, more. Backend development services typically have scalability built-in. You only pay for what you need as your app grows in popularity.

Taking care of these backend concerns with a cloud-based service means you can spend more time on the fun part of mobile app development: developing the design and functionality that will hook your users and make your app a success. Maybe you’ll even get a little sleep for a change.

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