Unleash the Power of Kii Cloud with the New Data Browser

We heard your feedback and a new refined data browser with redesigned UI is available now on the Kii Developer Portal. Log in to check it out (click your application, the Objects icon and then Data Browser).

With Kii Data Browser, view all objects created and stored in any bucket within your app at any scope, and build queries to examine the data in different ways. If you’re not familiar with bucket scoping, check out one of our guides: iOS | Android | Javascript | REST.Kii Data Browser allows you to view objects being created and stored within your app.


Listing objects

The latest refinements give you the ability to select the scope of the data you want to explore and see available buckets right away.


Customize the keys displayed by clicking Columns and toggling key names. To browse and/or edit an object, click it on the list.


As always, you can add custom queries to list objects:


Browsing and editing objects

When you click an object in the list the object editor appears:


Edit the object by directly updating the JSON. When you’re done with the update, click the Save button. The object will be updated if the JSON format is valid.

Learn more

To try it out yourself, head over to the Data section of your app in the Kii Developer Portal or visit our  guide for additional details.

We’d love to hear your feedback, too. Let us know what you think and make suggestions regarding the Data Browser at our Community.

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