Stop driving users to your competitors with bad UX

7K0A0021 copyWe recently put together our list of the top 10 mobile app complaints that can make or break an app. Most revolved around the importance of creating an amazing user experience, but some naysayers wanted more proof. How’s this? If you don’t get the UX right, you could be sending one third of your business to direct competitors.

A CompuWare study from earlier this year revealed the impact on mobile app success when users aren’t thrilled, and it isn’t pretty:

  • 48% are less likely to use the app
  • 34% would switch to a competitor’s app
  • 31% will tell others about their poor experience (affecting your app store ratings and reviews)
  • 31% are less likely to purchase from your company

Not to state the obvious, but…

A lot of apps still crash, freeze, load slowly or suck battery power. For users, it’s like waiting in line for hours to see Star Wars: Episode IV re-released on the big screen only to get burnt popcorn, sit next to “the talker” and realize someone set off a stink bomb in the theater. That’s why prioritizing your UX, testing, fixing bugs and checking in on what makes users happy should influence every stage of your dev cycle.

Mobile users want to like your app

Don’t bash users. They just want an app to work and work quickly. How quickly? About the time it takes you to blink. CompuWare’s study cites users are willing to wait only 1-2 seconds for an app to launch before they give up and move on to something else.

The good news is, mobile users like apps. In fact, 85% of mobile app users prefer mobile apps to mobile websites. Reasons why (when an app provides a good user experience) include convenience (55%), speed (48%) and ease of browsing (40%).

Ward off competition with good UX

 Users can’t like your app if they can’t use it or if the experience lags. Test, test and test again to make sure your app is working smoothly and isn’t prone to crashes or other bugs. Leverage your analytics to track where users are getting stuck and if they’re moving through your app the way you expected.

In such a competitive environment, you can’t risk a bad user experience or your users will find someone who does it better and jump ship. Even worse, bad reviews of one app can deter purchases of your other apps as well as discourage prospective customers, affecting your business into the future.

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