Piggyback on the next new device launch

The launch of new “must have” devices generates renewed excitement for apps. We often see a jump in downloads, even across platforms. With Apple set to unveil the latest iPhone(s) on September 10 (if rumor is to be believed), the next boost for mobile developers is right around the corner. Here are a few ways to use the hoopla to your advantage.

Play up how well your app works with touted device features

Take a second to go on social media and visit your favorite tech news sites. Which anticipated device features are generating the most buzz? Be sure your app store descriptions and keywords speak to these sweet spots. You may even want to iterate around them.

For example, Apple is hinting at improved processing times for the new iPhone. That’s great news for graphics-intensive apps, especially mobile games. Have a photo app in the App Store? Improved camera functions could be sending more users your way. Stand out by telling users how your app takes advantage of improved device features.

Be part of the conversation

Everyone’s excited by new technology, so why let the tech journalists have all the fun? When you join in or lead the conversation, you draw attention to your app and become part of the launch event. On your blog or social media, talk about the aspects of a new device or a different approach that you like best. What you think it means for the future of the industry or the apps market. 

Get people to think about “upgrading” their experience

Upgrading is in the air when new products are being launched. Apple and Samsung are experts at creating the desire for features that persuade buyers to part with their cash, even while they still have perfectly functional “older” devices at home.

If your app improves on an industry standard or if you’re developing the next great to-do, fitness or photo app, talk about it in terms of an upgrade to user experience. People are already considering upgrading a device, why wouldn’t they want an upgraded experience all around? Just like Apple or Samsung, you can build excitement around taking the next cool step.

Remember, device launches are special events. They can’t take the place of regular, ongoing marketing but they can give you a significant kick in the right direction if you strike while the irons are hot.

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