Part 4: Grow Your Business

There will hopefully come a point where your app takes off! While gaining users and increasing popularity, you’ll be even busier cranking out updates and fixing bugs to keep the hockey stick moving in a positive direction.

While trying to stay afloat with the workload, you’ll also start thinking “what’s next?“. In the 4th post in our 5 part series (see part 1, part 2 and part 3), we’re going to discuss how Kii can help turn your app into a business while keeping you focused on what you do best!

What you have

  • An app that’s getting downloads faster than you can count them
  • A cloud infrastructure that scales with your app as it grows (Kii Cloud would be a great choice)
  • Knowledge of your users and their actions within your app (Kii Analytics is the way to go here)
  • One or more developers making a great client experience for your users

What you need

While some apps and services can grow independently, this is exceedingly rare – especially with the competition that now exists within the app stores. Especially if you’re part of a small development team, you’ll need some help in growing your application to match and exceed your expectations. This is where Kii can help!

Kii Capital

As a profitable company with years of expertise in the mobile markets, Kii has started an investment fund specifically geared toward applications looking to continue their growth and expand into the cloud. The goal of Kii Capital is to form a partnership with mobile application developers, providing them access to Kii’s global distribution channels and technology to help scale their growing business. As a user of Kii Cloud, your application is front and center for potential investment.

The benefit that Kii Capital provides extends far beyond finances; Kii has valuable insight into the mobile industry from years of experience building products and working with other applications. As a mobile market leader, Kii also has deep global channels to help promote and distribute your application.


There may come a time when the app store(s) are simply not enough to achieve the financial returns or user growth you are looking for. Many apps we see are focused on a single app store in a single region – often out of necessity due to resource constraints.

As a global company, Kii has uniquely placed partnerships that can expand the visibility of your application to brand new markets. From carrier-based app stores to country-specific app stores (even China!), Kii has a foot in the door for your application to enter. Partnerships with device manufacturers and carriers could even give your app an opportunity to be pre-loaded on devices and operating systems in markets you may not have access to. The possibilities are endless.

Kii takes the heavy lifting out of your equation, and as always, leaves you to keep doing what you do best, building a great app!

What’s next?

In our final post of the series, we’ll showcase a sample of our growing list of partners which someday could be you! In the meantime, if you’d like to get started with Kii Cloud – head over to our developer portal where you can sign up for FREE! You’ll have your first cloud-based app up and running in a matter of minutes.

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