Mobile App Analytics: How to Evaluate User Behavior

Web_Analytics_and_Measurement-analysisTrack user behavior to find out if your mobile app’s user experience and interface live up to expectations. When you spot patterns, you can predict future behaviors and tweak your app to the greatest advantage.

Map out the user journey
Take a look at paths users take through your app. They might not follow the flow you imagined, but can guide how you design your next release. Evaluate:

  • Links clicked
  •  Screens viewed
  • Specific actions and where they’re happening

Identify favorite features
Seeing what users act on can help you dream up new features, improve existing ones and phase out whatever doesn’t make the cut.

  • How many tasks are being completed? Objects created? What type? (Notes filed, photos shared, friends invited, etc.)
  • Do users touch or swipe to get around?
  • Are users upgrading? Does the version change how they do things?
  • Which devices have the highest download rates?
  • Does app usage differ on smartphones vs. tablets? iOS vs. Android?

What makes users splurge
In-app purchases and mobile ads are big revenue drivers. Effective monetization means keeping an eye on what users are doing leading up to a transaction and optimizing your app to encourage similar behavior.

  • What type of content are they viewing?
  • Did they just hit a certain level in a game or complete a specific task?
  • Are there any differences by ad network or user location?

Cut out choke points
You never want to say goodbye, so find out when and where users exit your app. It’ll clue you into what’s important to them and what’s not. If something’s not working, fix it.

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