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As a developer you must ask a number of questions when planning the backend for your app or service. This goes beyond uptime, scalability and cost (which are also very important!) but also should include questions like “Where is my data? Who owns it? What happens if my backend service disappears? What if ownership is transferred?“. Since the recent acquisition of Parse by Facebook, many developers have been rethinking their mobile backend solutions and considering those questions even more.

At Kii, we understand you may be wary to place your trust in a provider who could potentially disappear while you’re still trying to build your business. Let me go ahead and say that Kii Cloud is far less prone to this type of scenario. Mobile backends are our business. We are profitable and have been for years as a leading backend for one of the most reliable carriers in the world (NTT DOCOMO in Japan). This is what we do, and we’re not going anywhere.

Whether you are looking for your first backend provider or transferring from an existing one, there are many options to weigh. If you’re new to the space, poke around and check us out! We have some great blog posts to help get you started, and even understand the space — as well as some awesome guides and documentation to get you better acquainted.

If you’re thinking about transferring from an existing provider like Parse, it’s a non-trivial task… but not an impossible one. We know that there are seemingly endless intricacies to each and every app, so there won’t be a single migration assistant to solve the problem in its entirety. We do have migration guides for iOS and Android as well as a very easy-to-use script to help move the primary data, but we’re also offering help to iron out all the details and corner cases that you’re sure to run into.

Happy coding 🙂

  • See how easy it is to update your app from Parse — check out the guides for iOS and Android
  • Learn more about the data migration script on our GitHub project page
  • Find out about our migration assistance – drop us a line in our support section. The consultation is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose!

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