M2M/IoT hackfest winner uses Kii Cloud

We’ve got another chance to visit London for our Kii Hackfest: Life, Connected. Kii sponsored the event submitting a challenge to encourage developers involved or interested in IoT (“Internet of Things”) to try a solid, scalable back-end like Kii Cloud to power the next generation of connected apps.

Cloud and IoT feel like a perfect match since an enormous number of devices connected to internet provide many kinds of services and produce huge amount of data and information that can be aggregated, managed, and analyzed on the cloud. Kii Cloud is perfect to provide the back-end for the data and Kii Analytics provides the necessary insight to slice and dice the information sent by connected devices.

This time, with a combined 2500 pounds, we gave away the best prizes and made sure we attracted the best teams!!




We selected two projects for 1st and 2nd prize that showed us some of the many possible use cases of Kii Cloud in IoT.

  • First prize – Guardian
    • Guardian allows carers or concerned relatives to look after disabled, elderly or otherwise vulnerable people by monitoring the active state of TV’s, ovens, kettles, washing machines and exterior doors. The project was not only the winner of Kii’s first prize but it was also the overall top winner of the hackfest. Guardian used Kii Cloud exclusively!
  • Second prize – Day in a Box 
    • An interesting concept of UI that brings together certain domestic rituals to help people live smarter and extend their personal resources.


We learned a lot from the event and appreciate the feedback and support from all the people involved (including teams and organizers). We saw applications around smart homes, cars, cities and health systems and a strong telco presence with special interest in IoT.

The future is here! Why not use the power of the cloud in your next connected app?

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