KiiReferral brings referrals and tracking to your app [beta]

We are excited to announce a new beta feature, KiiReferral, which has just been publicly launched. This tool is an addition to Kii’s cloud functionality and allows you to quickly add social sharing and referral tracking to your app in a matter of minutes.

What is KiiReferral?

KiiReferral is a framework that extends the functionality of the Kii platform. Along with an SDK configuration and tracking console in the Kii developer portal, it makes adding social sharing and referral tracking to your app a piece of cake. You can:

  • Generate campaigns and referral links from the developer portal
  • Track shares, clicks and conversions in real time
  • Allow users to share links via Facebook, Twitter and email directly from the app
  • Track conversions on a user-level via the SDK
  • Trigger events when conversions occur (i.e. award bonus points, extra features, etc.)

Sample use case

Let’s say you want to increase downloads by rewarding users who refer their friends. Make it easy for them with KiiReferral. Drop in a framework. Do some simple configuration. Voila! From within the game, users can tell their friends about the app via Facebook, Twitter or email. It even comes with a UI so you can implement full functionality in just a few lines of code.

In addition, you can reward users when their friends actually download and open the app! For example, if a user converts five friends, they get a power pack for free.

The process would be like this:

1. Users share your app

Through a few lines of code, add a share UI to your app. Users can customize their messages to share with friends and the link to download your app is built in. You can customize default messages or leave them blank.


2. Referred friends download the app

Friends click the tracked link and are sent to download the app. If they aren’t on a supported mobile device, they see a landing page with information about your app. They can also send the link to their mobile device from the landing page.


3. Users are rewarded for conversions

Write some custom server-side code (included in our Github repository) and deploy it to your app to track conversions in real time, reward users and more.


4. Track statistics in real-time

The Kii developer portal includes a realtime dashboard showing number of shares, clicks and conversions over time, organized by source. Easily test KiiReferral and see how your users are sharing! This is a critical part of KiiReferral moving forward, and we’ll be rolling out new analytics as the feature evolves.


How can I add it to my app?

KiiReferral, while in beta, will have its code and documentation hosted entirely on our Github project page. It includes the resources you need to include in your project, along with full guides, documentation and instructions for adding this framework to your app. It also comes with server code to augment the core functionality as well as a full sample app to get up and running quickly.

Why beta?

KiiReferral is just getting started and we expect it to rapidly evolve and improve. It’s currently available for iOS on the US deployment. Support for remaining platforms and regions will be rolling out soon. Over time, functionality will be extended until KiiReferral becomes a fully-supported Kii feature.

If you’d like to see the technical docs and get started with the framework, check the project’s Github page and associated wiki. We also have a category within our community set up for discussions about these new features.

Also be sure to check out our introductory video for KiiReferral here:

We hope you enjoy this beta feature and be sure to keep an eye on future updates. If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions feel free to let us know!

Happy coding 🙂

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