Kii Introduces A/B Testing and Server Hooks, Makes Javascript SDK PhoneGap and Titanium Compatible

Here at Kii, we’re constantly working on new functionality to improve the experience for our mobile developers. Several exciting new features just rolled out, giving you more power to accelerate development and optimize your apps. Without further ado…

A/B Testing for everyone

New A/B Testing functionality is included with all Kii accounts, including the free ones. In fact, it’s in your Developer Portal now (log in, left column).

Say you have a hunch that users prefer red buttons over green ones or think “Try” will outperform “Buy” as your call to action. Run an experiment to find out for sure and then push your optimal result to everyone with one click, without having to update your app.

Kii A/B Testing supports multiple variables so you can test combinations around app experience, features, usability, etc. It’s a great way to test hypotheses and optimize for user adoption, retention, monetization and other KPIs that matter for your business. (Not to mention being able to say, “I told you so.”) You get one experiment with unlimited variables free every month and can upgrade if you want to do more extensive testing. We’ve put together this video and an intro guide to get you ramped up.

A/B Testing for Unity, too

Since we announced our Unity SDK, we’ve gotten superb feedback from mobile game developers, both in our community and on the Unity Asset Store (all 5-star ratings). Thank you! We definitely consider Unity a priority and are pleased to announce that A/B Testing is available for the Unity SDK so you can validate your game engagement hypotheses.

Server Hooks!

Suppose you created this great Kii Sever Extension but, instead of programmatically executing it from your client, you want it to run when something meaningful happens on the backend (e.g. a user is created). Server Hooks allow you run Server Extensions automatically by attaching a Hook config file upon code upload. Your server extension can stay dormant and run when the conditions specified in your config file are met. Right now we support running your code when actions such as these happen:

  • Object CRUD operations on buckets
  • User management operations
  • Group management operations

For details on how to set up these hooks please see our Server Code Management Guide. A hook to execute server code on a scheduled basis (e.g. weekly) is coming soon!

Javascript SDK now compatible with PhoneGap and Titanium

Most multiplatform js-based mobile development tools such as PhoneGap and Titanium can now leverage Kii without hassle. Simply download our updated Javascript SDK as a project library. There’s no more jquery dependency!

That’s a wrap for now. We have more exciting announcements for game developers coming really soon, so stay tuned.

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