Kii Expert of the Week: Srinivas Reddy Katta, Managing Director, Ideabytes Inc

This week we sit down with Srinivas Reddy Katta, the Managing Driector at Ideabytes to understand what you need to think about when building your IoT solution.

Q: What are initial thoughts about IoT today?
A: Things happening at a much faster pace. The market is growing so exponentially, so radically that the entrepreneurs are taking much bigger footsteps in terms of taking opportunities to the next level. They are also thinking about what kinds of IoT solutions they can bring into their cities / markets and in turn get faster results.

Q: What do entrepreneurs need to understand when taking their IoT product to market?
A: Most of the challenges that small companies face today is not about the ability to innovate, it’s about figuring out the scalability of that product. How to scale? Will there be a framework to support scalability? That is the key.

Q: What about security when building out an IoT solution?
A: This is a current challenge that we are seeing in the IoT industry. We have to understand that sensors are exposed directly to the internet, so every sensor in the framework is being exposed. Also one needs to think about is the user data and how secure the data is stored so it’s not visible to anyone outside. Companies need to think about the importance of these kinds of situations.

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