Kii Expert of the Week: Pasi Leipälä, CEO / Co-Founder, Haltian

This week, we were delighted to talk to Pasi Leipälä, CEO / Co-Founder of Haltian.

Q: Can you please tell me a little bit about Haltian and how your company got started?
A: Haltian is a spin-off of Nokia. There were a team of us that were working on some exciting new developments and over a beer at a local bar, we talked about potentially starting up our own company, and we did! We knew that IoT would be really big in the future.

Q: How did the tracker come about exactly?
A: We started to build out our own innovations and built out ‘Thingsee One’ tracker and now are releasing Snowfox
We have a strong technical background and have been developing several complete products

Q: What is Haltian’s mission and vision?
A: To develop IoT solutions which are helping people’s lives. We are doing this by building out world-class devices and integrating technologies with our partners, like Kii. We have been one of the fastest growing companies already in London and steadily growing.

Q: How did you decide to come up with a kid-tracker? And why name it Snowfox?
A: After Thingsee One device we saw great value in this device being used as several different things, we saw great benefit to having a kid tracker as we were receiving feedback about the ones in the market today were not very reliable. So we decided to work on a total solution for our kid tracker and we felt that Kii was the perfect platform to develop this together – the whole service. The name comes from the fact that we are located in the northern part of Finland and the snowfox leaves a trace as he wanders, so we thought that would be a great idea of the name as well, since this device will track where a child goes.

Q: How does the Kii’s platform bring the device to life?
A: While Haltian’s skill is on the device side, Kii helps us to develop well-working API’s as well as help us to work on a device in a fast and reliable way. We see a tremendous high performance IoT solution working with Kii on the back end.

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