Kii Expert of the Week: David Goswick, CEO, HOUZE

This week we sit down with David Goswick, the CEO at HOUZE to discuss IoT.

Q: What is the mission of HOUZE?
A: HOUZE will revolutionize the home building industry. The mission is to make every home a smart zero-energy home – both new and existing homes. We believe that along w/ our partners, we have technologies that we will be introducing that are very disruptive and powerful.

Q: What was it about Kii’s platform that made sense for HOUZE to join forces?
A: In order for the performance to be optimized and for the consumer to win, it’s going to take connecting all the dots of the internet of things – and Kii’s technology and ecosystem supports the Houze ecosystem incredibly well.

Q: How does HOUZE work exactly?
A: The HOUZE project is really the first of its kind – The way Houze works is that we have a “cell” generates all the electricity that a home needs. It runs off of natural gas. It works a lot like a car would – it’s got a piston-driven engine inside and turns a generator when it is on, it generates a large amount of heat. No need to use electricity when we have all this heat available.

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