Introducing Unity SDK for Kii Cloud

We are happy to announce that Kii Cloud is bringing powerful backend functionality to Unity developers everywhere!

What is Unity?

Unity is one of the most powerful and popular 3D game development engines available for mobile developers.  Its strong community and powerful tools allow developers to create awesome games for multiple platforms in a fraction of the time.

Cool… so why do I need anything else?

While these tools are great for building a killer game, developers still have to focus resources on setting up a backend if they want to have any kind of cloud functionality. This could be user management, high scores, community, or anything you might want to store persistently across devices.

Fortunately, Kii Cloud is now here to help!

Unity + Kii Cloud = Awesome

Kii Cloud’s new Unity SDK allows developers to leverage a scalable and reliable infrastructure without ever dealing with any servers or backend code! User management, data storage and analytics come out-of-the-box to bring cloud functionality to your game in a matter of minutes.

Creating Users

You can register a user in only a few lines of code – no creating APIs, validating fields or storing in a database. Kii Cloud takes care of all that!

KiiUser.Builder builder = KiiUser.BuilderWithName("myUsername");
KiiUser user = builder.Build();

try {
} catch (Exception e) {
  // Sign-up failed for some reason
  // Please check Exception to see what went wrong...

Creating Data Objects

Creating schema-less data (think JSON-style) is even simpler. Simply create the object and add some key/value pairs, then save! Kii Cloud will handle everything from there

// Create an object in an application-scope bucket.
KiiObject obj = Kii.Bucket("myBucketName").NewKiiObject();

// Set key-value pairs
obj["score"] = 987;
obj["mode"] = "easy";
obj["premiumUser"] = false;

// Save the object
try {
} catch (Exception e)  {
  // Handle error

Next Steps

Kii Cloud is a great way to add lots of useful backend functionality to your app in no time. And not to worry – Kii Cloud, provides carrier-grade scalability and reliability no matter how big your game gets!

If you’d like to learn more, check out our guides and documentation. If you’d like to try it out, sign up for a free account and get started!

Happy coding 🙂

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