CliMate + Kii: A tale of two clouds

Rooti CliMate built on Kii IoT Platform

More startups and large enterprises are working on Internet of Things (IoT) projects. In fact, according to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 96% of business leaders expect their companies to use the IoT in some respect within the next three years. Most are looking for ways to improve efficiency and time to market. IoT consumer electronics company Rooti is already using Kii to get that competitive edge.

Literally a wearable cloud

Rooti (formerly Phyode) designs wearables to support a healthy lifestyle. Following the successful launch of its W/Me fitness band, the company took to Kickstarter to fund its second mobile wellness project.

CliMate, a tiny cloud-shaped device, mounts to a stand or clips away from the body, tracking real-time humidity, temperature and ultraviolet light. Readings are sent to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. If conditions are good, the CliMate app, available for iOS and Android, shows a thriving plant. If conditions are less than optimal, the plant appears to wilt or die.

Hotbed of innovation

For CliMate to be a success, Rooti needed a secure and reliable IoT-connected server in the cloud able to store massive amounts of real-time weather and user data. We were able to provide an instant, scalable cloud-connected backend platform optimized for IoT capabilities. Rooti’s developers then had more bandwidth to focus on perfecting the mobile app user experience and unique graphical user interface instead of backend server development.

Some of the coolest features we’ve seen include the ability to contribute to a crowdsourced real-time weather map, a sunscreen reapplication timer based on SPF and skin tone, and ability to receive push notifications about unexpected weather changes and temperature fluctuations.

Soaring to more markets

One of the most exciting things for us about working with Rooti was helping to meet an aggressive deployment deadline. CliMate had to ship to Kickstarter backers in the promised timeframe and work perfectly. In some ways we made those deadlines even more aggressive, but we’re not sorry. Kii global infrastructure and partnerships in Asia-Pacific have helped speed up Rooti’s plan for CliMate’s deployment to all potential markets including the U.S., Europe, Japan and China. As you can tell, we’re really excited to see where this little cloud goes.

Huge thanks to Michael Li and Rooti for allowing us to share their story! Check out the full CliMate case study to learn more about how Rooti uses Kii. And if you’re an enterprise or startup that needs cloud connectivity to enable your IoT projects, contact us to find out if our platform is right for you.


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