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KanjiQuiz: An Apple Watch ready iOS 8 Quiz Application (Part 1)

Apple Watch is coming !!! Many developers around the world has already prepared for their awesome Watch Applications. Perhaps you are one of those, if not, this tech blog series will explore a minimalistic yet fully functioned iOS 8 applications with... Read more »

Instant backend for your Phonegap app

Using Phonegap to create apps with HTML, CSS or JavaScript? Add an instant backend to your project with the Kii Javascript SDK. Since PhoneGap logic is normally coded in Javascript and the framework allows you to incorporate plugins and libraries, it... Read more »

Add Push to your Unity Game

In case you missed it, we recently announced a new version of our Kii Unity SDK that supports push notifications when deploying to Android and iOS. This post focuses on how to set up your Unity game so Android players can receive push notifications. ... Read more »

Build a WhatsApp Clone in a Day

The market for messaging apps is exploding. People are looking for alternatives to standard text messaging. Since the opportunity huge, why not create a messaging app? In this post, we'll walk you through a bare bones WhatsApp clone (we'll call it Ki... Read more »

Running Server Extensions from Unity 3D

One of the advantages of Kii Cloud is that it exposes all of its APIs as a REST web service. This is not only useful for developers using Kii Cloud from platforms that don't have a dedicated SDK, but also gives developers the chance to use new featur... Read more »

Geolocation with Kii Cloud on iOS

Kii Cloud has recently released geolocation for its iOS SDK (if you're an android dev, this is also available - see our post here). One of the most useful features of any smartphone is the fact that the device is location-aware. This gives develop... Read more »

iOS Sample App for Kii Cloud: MyPix

MyPix is a bare-bones sample application that shows you how to create a user account then upload and browse pictures within that account. Pictures are available across devices, and this sample can easily be extended with social layers, sharing, and b... Read more »