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Add A/B Testing to Your App in Minutes Using Kii

What is A/B testing? In a nutshell, A/B testing allows you to deploy multiple scenarios to your app's users in order to determine the optimal combinations around app experience, features, usability etc. This is a great way to test your hypotheses ab... Read more »

Introducing Pseudo-Users

Today we've rolled out Pseudo-Users, making it easy to use Kii services right away without user authentication. When we created Pseudo-Users we were not only thinking about saving you time but also ... Read more »

KiiReferral brings referrals and tracking to your app [beta]

We are excited to announce a new beta feature, KiiReferral, which has just been publicly launched. This tool is an addition to Kii's cloud functionality and allows you to quickly add social sharing and referral tracking to your app in a matter of min... Read more »

Unleash the Power of Kii Cloud with the New Data Browser

We heard your feedback and a new refined data browser with redesigned UI is available now on the Kii Developer Portal. Log in to check it out (click your application, the Objects icon and then Data Browser). With Kii Data Browser, view all objects... Read more »

Introducing Kii User Browser

We are happy to announce a new addition to Kii's developer portal - user browser! What is it? A perfect complementary tool to our existing Data Browser, User Browser allows you to log into the developer portal to view and edit the registered users ... Read more »

Kii Introduces A/B Testing and Server Hooks, Makes Javascript SDK PhoneGap and Titanium Compatible

Here at Kii, we're constantly working on new functionality to improve the experience for our mobile developers. Several exciting new features just rolled out, giving you more power to accelerate development and optimize your apps. Without further ado... Read more »

Automate Kii Server Extensions with Server Hooks

Suppose you created this great Kii Sever Extension but, instead of programmatically executing it from your client, you want it to run when something meaningful happens on the backend (e.g. a user is created). Wait no more!... Read more »

Kii Unity 3D (.NET) SDK now supports async calls!

Rejoice Unity 3D developers! Async calls are here :) ... Read more »

Introducing Unity SDK for Kii Cloud

We are happy to announce that Kii Cloud is bringing powerful backend functionality to Unity developers everywhere! What is Unity? Unity is one of the most powerful and popular 3D game development engines available for mobile developers. Its strong... Read more »

Introducing Kii Cloud Server Extension

We are happy to announce a powerful new feature on Kii Cloud that brings custom server code to your app - Kii Server Extension! What is Kii Server Extension? With many MBaaS solutions, sometimes having client SDKs alone isn't enough. Maybe your app... Read more »

Introducing Kii Cloud Data Browser

One of our most-requested features is now available in the Kii Developer Portal! The Kii Data Browser allows you to view objects that are being created and stored within your app. Built with an awesome UI, the browser allows you to easily drill in... Read more »

Kii Cloud Launches Unity SDK, Data Browser and Server Extension!

We are happy to announce some exciting new features that will make building your app even easier! Kii Cloud is an MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) that gives you the tools to add backend and cloud services to your mobile app without ever writing ... Read more »

Geolocation with Kii Cloud on iOS

Kii Cloud has recently released geolocation for its iOS SDK (if you're an android dev, this is also available - see our post here). One of the most useful features of any smartphone is the fact that the device is location-aware. This gives develop... Read more »

New feature: E-mail Template Configuration

Our developer portal has just been updated with a great new feature: Email Template Configuration. Kii Cloud has long supported user registration with email verification. When verification is enabled in your app, users receive an email with a link... Read more »

New Feature: Team Collaboration

Kii Cloud now supports team collaboration! Simply log into and view your application. From there, you can select Collaborators and add teammates to your project. This allows multiple team members to manage the app, view an... Read more »