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Kii Expert of the Week: Srinivas Reddy Katta, Managing Director, Ideabytes Inc

This week we sit down with Srinivas Reddy Katta, the Managing Driector at Ideabytes to understand what you need to think about when building your IoT solution. Q: What are initial thoughts about IoT today? A: Things happening at a much faster pace. T... Read more »

Kii Expert of the Week: David Goswick, CEO, HOUZE

This week we sit down with David Goswick, the CEO at HOUZE to discuss IoT. Q: What is the mission of HOUZE? A: HOUZE will revolutionize the home building industry. The mission is to make every home a smart zero-energy home – both new and existi... Read more »

Smart Cities – Part 1: The Basics

More than 50% of world population lives in urban areas – and is expected to grow to over 65% by 2050. Of the urban dwellers, one in eight live in mega cities (10M+ population) and the rest in cities of different sizes, of which the fastest growing ... Read more »

Add A/B Testing to Your App in Minutes Using Kii

What is A/B testing? In a nutshell, A/B testing allows you to deploy multiple scenarios to your app's users in order to determine the optimal combinations around app experience, features, usability etc. This is a great way to test your hypotheses ab... Read more »

Bye-bye Brackets – Swift is here for iOS developers

Developers around the world tuned in this week to watch Apple CEO Tim Cook take the stage to talk about everything iRelated. Anticipation has been building in recent weeks about a health platform, perhaps something in the IOT space, and other great a... Read more »

iOS 7’s SpriteKit is Quietly Changing the Future of Mobile Gaming — Here’s How to Develop Games On It

Introduction: Why Game Mobile Developers Need to Know About SpriteKit iOS 7 has several powerful new features for mobile game developers which were missed amidst the fanfare of the OS launch, but every game developer needs to know about them now. Th... Read more »

Ask and you shall receive great app store ratings

7 strategies to get the ratings your mobile app needs. A recent study by Apurify found that 75% of the top 1,000 ranked apps in iTunes have at least a 4-star rating. Additionally, Apple itself seems to be tweaking its app-ranking algorithms to make ... Read more »

Another MBaaS Acquisition and Why Vendor Viability Matters

You've spent months building your app. Cultivating your idea, perfecting your design and of course, writing the code. You're a savvy developer so you use all the tools available to make your app more stable and get to market faster. An MBaaS (Mobile ... Read more »

3 Reasons App Developers Need to Think Multiscreen

There’s one big important answer to that question – customers. The people who download and use your app aren’t restricted to one type of device, and they don’t want to be.... Read more »

How to name your mobile app

It seems like mobile developers spend more time naming their applications than I spent choosing a name for my son, and with good reason. Having the right name is critical to your app’s success. So, what do I mean by the right name and how do you ma... Read more »

Beware the hazards of mobile app development

Potential pitfalls lie in wait, threatening to derail mobile app development projects at every turn. But the same old problems don't have to impede your progress. Here are 15 of the most common roadblocks that drain resources and budgets, and easy wa... Read more »

Get Ready for a Sleighload of Mobile App Installs

he 2013 holiday app season officially kicks off on Halloween, and the picture is looking mighty merry for mobile app developers. In case you missed it, Apple’s App Store recorded 2 billion downloads in December 2012, much of that during “holiday ... Read more »

How to Drive Revenue With In-App Purchases

Most iOS app revenue comes from in-app purchases. In fact, a recent survey co-produced by Kii portfolio partner App Annie projects IAP will take 51% of the $12 billion mobile game revenue projected for this year. That’s a lot of cash, but nobody... Read more »

10 tips for making great mobile app promo videos

Bloggers, reviewers and potential users watch promo videos or trailers to decide whether mobile apps deserve a second glance. Luckily you don’t need a big marketing department or huge budget to make memorable videos. Here are 10 tips for developers... Read more »

App store optimization (ASO), the magic bullet for attracting more mobile users

“If you build it, they will come” might work for baseball fields in Iowa, but you need to be much more proactive in the highly competitive mobile app market. App store optimization (ASO) is a crucial step to get your app out of the shadows and in... Read more »

What Apple iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c mean for mobile app developers

Today Apple CEO Tim Cook took center stage at company headquarters in Cupertino, CA, unveiling the much-anticipated iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. What do the new smartphones mean for mobile app developers? A lot. There’s huge potential to piggyback on d... Read more »

The world of mobile design is flat

With Apple famously moving toward flat design with iOS7, a lot of mobile app designers wonder if they should do the same. We’re not going to tell you to ditch gradients, effects, or skeuomorphism—the practice of mimicking a real object’s look a... Read more »

Driving Mobile App Performance: It’s a Numbers Game

Having the right data is vital for making decisions to improve and market your app. But not all stats are created equal. This is the first post in a series looking at the... Read more »

Guide to Pricing Mobile Apps

“We already paid out more money to Android developers this year than in the whole of 2012,” revealed CEO Larry Page during Google’s Q2 2013 earnings call on July 18. In April, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer painted a ... Read more »

The Art of Getting (and Using) Customer Feedback

As a mobile app designer and developer, your job is to put yourself in your user’s shoes. You probably think a lot about personas and mental models for your end users,... Read more »

How to Kill Your App in 3 Seconds or Less

“Every second counts” has never been truer than with mobile app: you literally have two or three seconds to win, engage and keep a user. ... Read more »

Interview with Francisco Lozano, Asst. Director of Engineering at Kii

I had the opportunity to interview Francisco Lozano, the Assistant Director of Engineering at Kii. Francisco works from our office in Valencia, Spain, knows Kii technology inside & out and is responsible for some of the most critical systems runn... Read more »


OK, here’s a quick quiz for you. Did you start developing mobile apps because you: A. Love the thrill of developing an addictive game or useful tool so well designed it can change people’s behavior — and even their lives? B. Really like wra... Read more »

DZone’s Definite Guide to Cloud Providers featuring Kii

Have you ever tried sifting through the hundreds of cloud solutions available in today’s market? There are so many categories of cloud providers that it’s hard to know if you’re researching the right one’s for your use case. So how do y... Read more »

New eBook: 5 Star Apps – 10 Keys to Success

Today we are proud to announce the release of our very first eBook. This guide for mobile app developers discusses 10 keys for successfully creating and maintaining a 5-star app. From planning and curating your idea to optimizing your app and learnin... Read more »

App Store Keys To Success

Today, there are over 800,000 apps in the iTunes App Store [148apps]. Let that number sink in for a moment. ... Read more »