Advanced Android app Analytics with Kii

There are many aspects to take into consideration when defining your app analytics strategy but one of the top ones is to make sure you pick a provider you can grow with. If you have an iOS app and are looking to create an Android version for example make sure you pick an analytics provider that supports your app across multiple platforms. If you’re considering monetizing your application through in-app advertising, you might want to use an analytics provider that also has partnerships with ad networks and offers app distribution opportunities. Choose a vendor that can handle your needs as your product scales, whether that means covering different platforms, devices or geographies or providing you with custom ad-hoc intelligence about your app.

Kii Analytics is particularly interesting in this area because it goes beyond basic analytics (eg. number of users in your app, ad impressions and clicks, files downloaded, object stored, etc) by allowing you to get analytics in terms of your application data and event data. You can define custom metrics and create multiple dimensions per metric – Kii will automatically take care of the aggregation and visualization. A very simple example of this within a game might be taking the Average Score sliced by Player Type.

We’ve just published a very detailed article on Dzone that shows you how to set up advanced analytics with Kii in an Android application.

After going over it you’ll see that having your data on the cloud gives you great power over the kind of analytics that you can get from your app. Kii Analytics is so versatile that you can:

  • Define your metrics for data that is already on the Kii Cloud or that you send explicitly

  • Visualize aggregated metrics in the Developer Portal

  • Retrieve aggregated metrics via APIs

  • Define metrics in the Developer Portal

In my next entry I will show you how to work with Event Data explicitly pushing data to Kii for analysis. For a full guide on how to use our analytics feature on Android please see this page.

Stay tuned!

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